UCSD CSE Effective Writing Group: Summer 2019

Writing clearly and effectively is difficult for most people, computer scientists are no exception. The purpose of this group is to collectively critique our own academic writing. Our cause is to improve communication in science for the benefit of all!


Each week all members of the group will read a chapter of Style Lessons in Clarity and Grace. One member of the group will submit a recent piece of their own writing for critique. All other members then apply the style rules from the weeks readings and suggest improvements. The goal is to improve our own writing style so submitted works should be written without the aid or correction of advisers.


All writing critiques are performed on unpublished academic literature. As such, posting direct online links to the documents could result in poaching. Group documents are hosted on Google Drive. Permission to the drive can be requested through this link.


CSE3109 Wednesdays 13:00

Date Chapter Paper Leader
2019-7-10 N/A Organizational Meeting - Style Lessons in Clarity and Grace Ariana
2019-7-17 Actions The Fallacy of User Choice: Why We Need Regulatory Oversight for Personal Data Ariana
2019-7-24 Characters Concolic Execution: Finding Bugs by Mixing Concrete and Symbolic Execution Ariana
2019-7-31 Cohesion and Coherence An Empirical Approach to Understanding the DMCA Sunjay
2019-8-7 Emphasis Distributed Test Case Generation using Model Inference Vector
2019-8-14 Raincheck Raincheck Raincheck
2019-8-21 Raincheck Raincheck Raincheck
2019-8-28 Raincheck Raincheck Raincheck
2019-9-4 Raincheck Raincheck Raincheck
2019-9-11 Motivation Coherence Constructing Constant Cryptography Correctly Sunjay Cauligi
2019-9-18 Global Coherence TBD TBD
2019-9-25 "Concision TBD TBD
2019-10-2 Shape TBD TBD
2019-10-9 Elegance TBD TBD
2019-10-16 Ethics of Style TBD TBD